Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Interview with Burnham Bros. Band's Keyboardist

When did you first start playing the piano?

When I was 8. old are you now?

I just had a birthday...15.

Is it true that the band has given you a nick name?

Yeah, and now I have to live with it.  I'm known as M.D.

O.K.  But what does that mean?

It means "musical director".  :)   Our producer wanted someone to be the director of the band and I was elected.

You are known as the quiet more introspective sort...  Sometimes even deep.   Is that true?

Yeah...I guess.  I think it's because I have a hole in my know,  the deep part.

You are also known a lot of times as the band's arranger.  Tell us about that.

Yeah, I like the technical end of song arranging.  Trying different things...moving song parts around.  It's really creative and  I like it.

Is it true that for your birthday you got a bass guitar?

There is SOME truth to that.  I mean, I haven't quite picked it out yet.  They gave me a book on how to play the bass called The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing the Bass Guitar.  I'm not sure what they are trying tell me but...

Are you going to still play the keyboard?
Yes!  But I'd like to learn to play another instrument and it would be fun  to mix it up when we are performing.

O.K.  I just gotta know this one.  Are you really a beekeeper?

Yeah, it has side honey!

There is also a rumour that you have a propensity  for getting stung the day before performances and sometimes even  hours before.  Is that true?

Hey.  I don't know where you are getting all of this information!  But, yes.  And before you even ask.  I am slightly allergic meaning that my hand blows up like a balloon within minutes.  It makes playing the keyboard...let's say....challenging.  

Since you are known as M.D.  Could you answer this one for the band.  It has been asked by some of your fans.  What is the first song you ever wrote together as a band?

We wrote "Skipping Stones" last fall.  It was inspired by a river we always hang out at and also the inspiration came from what kids like to do.  But our lead vocalist was the master mind behind that one!    We plan to put that one up on Youtube soon.

Stay tuned for more Q & A  from the Burnham Bros. Band!!!


Hannah & Sarah said...

This is one of the funniest interviews we have BTW(by the way) that's a nice picture of Andre: In the picture he is saying, "I know I'm cool," and he says "I am M.D."

B3 said...

Cool....glad we made you laugh...

Elena said...

These interviews are funny. ;-) I can't believe Latin started again! It's hard getting back into the groove and remembering all the vocab.