Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Music Thing on the Bottom

So, I finally figured out how to put music on my blog, but don't have any quality recordings of our own stuff to put on. So if you're wondering why I've got Another Brick in the Wall in the audio player, that's why ;)

(Also on my links bar, there's a new link. It's a youtube video of a B3 Vocal session, but look for some better quality full recordings in the near future.)



Elena said...

Ok, this is Elena from Latin. My mom knows your mom through blogs..I guess, and she showed me the blog.

The youtube song was sweet! Forrest has an awesome voice!

Cya in Latin!

Alex Burnham said...

Cool, I'm glad you liked it, Elena. That was just a rehearsal my mom recorded, but we'll have a full song up today.